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403 Gallery


November 2021-January 2022



The works in Futures, were made in my bathtub by pressing paper against my wet chest, arms, breasts, stomach, back and legs. The imprints of my body would evaporate very quickly in the dry California air, so I photographed them as soon as they were made.
Though I had access to larger bodies of water, like the ocean, my bathtub was the choice for the work because it made the relationship to home clear. My home and personal spaces were made even more significant over the last two years as it’s where most of my family's time was spent sheltering from the worldwide pandemic. The bathtub became my studio- a place of refuge, reflection, and creativity. The photographs remain the only evidence of the performance involving my body, water, paper and time. 


Born in 1979, Glynnis McDaris grew up in Memphis, TN, and attended Pratt Institute in New York City. McDaris' career spans experimental and documentary photography, video and film work, sculpture, music, and sound projects. She has contributed extensively to periodicals and publications including books with Rizzoli and D.A.P. and exhibited internationally for more than 20 years. McDaris has organized a number of group exhibitions and performances and edited the accompanying journals and catalogs. She lives and works in Los Angeles, California with her husband and two sons.

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